About Us

Serving since 1996 with customer satisfaction as the first priority...

In 1996 a group of highly motivated, professional and entrepreneurial –minded youths started a small PAN registered Vehicle rental company at Sorakhute, Kathmandu with a few vehicles to meet the needs of the general market under the name of Kathmandu Vehicle Services.

In due course of time, the increasing of business relations with NGOs, INGOs, diplomatic missions Hydropower companies and various ministries of Nepal government, the enterprising team incorporated another VAT registered vehicle rental company in 2010 with the name of Spark Link Enterprises.

Considering the same nature of service but highly growing demands from both Private and Public sectors, Kathmandu Vehicle Services and Spark Link Enterprises were eventually merged into a single company under the name of Spark Group in the year 2011. It has duly registered with Company Registrar Office, Internal Revenue Office and local bodies (Cottage & Small Industry Department) as per the prevailing company's law of Nepal Government. It has a vast pool of manpower under one roof and it provides the most reliable and innovative services as per the needs of the various clients.

 In due course of time Spark Group has become the first ISO 9001-2015 Certified company in Nepal due to its Quality Management System for Vehicle Rental service. Our management team and employees have played a crucial role to achieve ISO certification. In today's cut-throat competition market in the field of vehicle rental service, we have established our brand identity among its valued clients -NGOs, INGOs, Diplomatic Missions, Hydropower Companies, Banks, Financial Institutions and various ministries of Nepal government  in a short span of time.

Now there are 3 different business components running under the name of Spark Group: Vehicle Rental Component, Domestic Tourism Component, and Drivers Hiring Component.

Vehicle Rental Component, provides clean, safe and comfortable vehicles such as cars, Jeeps (4WD), Vans, Hiace, Coasters, Mini Buses, Sutlej, Hilux ranging for a few hours, daily, weekly, monthly to long term basis as per demands of corporate business houses, Government offices, Ministries, Hydropower companies, NGOs, INGOs, Banks, Financial institutions etc.

Recently Vehicle Rental Component has further updated its service providing different types of vehicles for wedding party guests' transfers to hotels or party palace, Brataband party, Seminar, conference, picnic and other social functions in and out of Kathmandu Valley as well. Rates for vehicles depend on the types of Vehicles clients choose and are subject to confirmation at the time of signing the contract.

Likewise, in order to establish a good travel culture among the Nepalese travelers and cater to their needs, Spark Group has felt the need to promote domestic tourism within the country.  The trend of Domestic tourism in the country has been increasing steadily over a considerable period of time. Nowadays many urban residents want to visit new and popular destinations, experience something unique and involve in various tourism activities. Due to road connectivity to far- flung regions most of the local Nepalese tourists can easily travel from Kathmandu to any parts of the country with their family members, friends, and corporate colleagues on special occasions, during festival holidays or just for pleasure. If any Nepalese travelers are specifically looking for the places of their interest whether it be religious, cultural or natural in any parts of our country, Domestic Tourism Component of Spark Group offers various tour packages to meet the interest of the travelers.

As a part of Social Responsibility, Spark Group has just launched Driver Hire Service to avoid drunken driving accidents and keep conscious the night partygoers about the existing MAPASE (Madak Padartha Sewan) laws on drink and drive in Kathmandu Valley.  For this, we provide professional and well-trained drivers to pick up or drop or both services for those who have their own vehicles but hesitant for short or long drive in and outside Kathmandu valley after the night party is over. In addition, we also provide on request vehicles along with our reliable drivers for those who do not have their own vehicles to attend social functions inside the valley. We handle all the individual driving needs. Anyone can easily hire our drivers and enjoy comfort like never before in your own vehicle. It will be a hassle free service right away when you want it. Call us just one hour before when you need only drivers or vehicles with drivers. Our drivers will be there on time and tale you comfortably and safely to your desired destination after the party.

With a fleet of over 360 vehicles and more than 370 permanently employed professional drivers, we offer we offer our services in Vehicle Rental area, Domestic Tourism and Driver Hire Service for public safety. We always strive to maintain our quality service with the commitment to all our clients all the time. Our professional team is truly a great workplace which utilizes all its available resources to access the needs & concerned of our clients and gives the solution at the level best.

Spark Group avails any of its service whether it is Vehicle Hire Service, Driver Hire Service or Domestic Tour 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Anyone can contact us as per convenient time.