Domestic Tour Service

Explore the beauty of own country and experience the different culture of own land...

To establish a good travel culture among the Nepalese travelers and cater to their needs, Spark Group has felt the need to promote domestic tourism. Domestic tourism in the country has been increasing steadily over a considerable period of time. Nowadays many urban residents want to visit new and popular destinations, experience something unique and involve in various tourism activities. Due to road connectivity to far- flung regions most of the local Nepalese tourists   can travel from Kathmandu to any parts of the country with their family members, friends and corporate colleagues on special occasions, festival holidays or just for pleasure. If any Nepalese travelers are specifically looking for the places of their interest whether it is religious, cultural or natural in any parts of our country, Spark Group offers various  tour packages to meet their interest. Travelers can spend nights at hotels, resorts and lodges wherever they visit and the itineraries we offer. We make sure that each of our proposed tours is enjoyable and safe. Get the feel of scenic beauty wherever you visit in the midst of majestic mountains, waterfalls, lakes, cultural sightseeing and do any types of adventurous activities across the country

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